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A lot of time and hard work goes into starting and running your business. Don't let a legal question, issue or dispute set you back. Hire a business lawyer in White Plains, NY to resolve legal issues quickly and efficiently before they can get out of hand. Kevin B. Faga, Esq., PC offers highly skilled legal representation with business law matters.

We'll work hard to ensure your business issues are resolved fairly. With over 25 years of business law experience, we'll be a powerful ally on your side. Think of Kevin B. Faga, Esq. for any of your business law needs in White Plains, NY.

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Ensure your business is treated fairly in disputes

Whether you're the owner of a small business or a large corporation, it's always a good idea to retain a business lawyer for unexpected issues. Kevin B. Faga, Esq. can help you with:

  • Business formation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Contracts
  • Business disputes
  • Acquisitions
  • Civil issues caused by liabilities

Don't let an unsuspecting legal issue derail your small business or company. Contact Kevin B. Faga, Esq. to resolve business law disputes.